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Dr. Martin Stotz, Diplom-Kaufmann / MBA

Highly professional, individual und custom taylored ...

... based on long years experience as executive search consultant as well as coach and trainer with certification




Distance Counselling: location independent but very individually

You can get our service also as tele counselling. Locationindependent and extremely flexible. So you have not to travel, and it is more easy to fix a date. Of course also out of normal office hours. By video (Skype), phone, or EMail and with using an brower based onlinetool for commonly work on your documents. You will feel like beeing in a presence meeting.

Advantages for you with others:

  • no need to travel
  • greatest possible flexibility (time, location)
  • also brief contacts are possible a closemeshed sparring oriented absolutely related to your individual needs
  • very comfortable, you are able to easily integrate meetings in your day
  • also marginal time slots are possible


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