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Inverse Headhunting – looking on hidden employment market

Inverse Headhunting means looking for vacancies not yet announced publicly (or never announced publicly). There are many positions to be filled but not yet officially announced in media. Those positions are often to be found by so called "inverse headhunting".

To understand what it is it is helpful to imagine how "classic" headhunters work: 


Headhunters are looking for candidates by identifying relevant employees at companies competing to client firm and contact them on their mobile.Then they check whether this candidate is interested and suits.

Inverse Headhunting

Inverse Headhunting is to do this vice verse. Let us help you find your new position very goal oriented. Also and particularly when it even not is officially announced in media. By the way: normal initiative applications do in most cases not help. A special kind of process will be necessary. We would be glad to help you.